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5 Party Rooms in Causeway Bay

A party room is a distinctive event-ready space that can be rented out for an afternoon, night or even several days. Storefront has a wide variety of such spaces in the party room Causeway Bay https://losthk.com/party-room-game-causeway-bay/ district that are sure to fit your needs.

Located just behind SOGO in CWB, Store Party Room has four differently themed rooms including the ‘Causeway Bay’, ‘Camping’, ‘Movie Movie’ and ‘Wooden’. There is a minimum of 10 people for whole venue rental.

FOMO Cafe & Lounge

Located right behind Sogo Department Store in Lockhart Road, FOMO Cafe & Lounge offers a variety of amenities to keep you and your friends entertained. Its party rooms are equipped with automatic mahjong machines, a PS5, board games, and more. The venue also has an ice cream bar and offers snack dishes including cheese tofu, samosas, and cuttlefish balls.

The Roomss is a trendy, cosy party venue in Causeway Bay that can accommodate groups of two people or more. This event-ready space is available for rent from a day to a few weeks or even months. The Roomss has several different rooms, including the ‘Causeway Bay’ room, which uses old Hong Kong as its blueprint; the ‘Camping’ room, which features a giant tent set up; and the artistic ‘Wooden’ room.

Located in Causeway Bay, the swanky Chrono is a great place to hang out with friends on a rainy day. You can play beer pong, fooseball, video games, and even enjoy movies broadcast on a projector. You can also hone your singing skills on the karaoke machines at this fun-filled party room.


Located next to Sogo, Blackroom is a hipster-style party room filled with wooden decor and neon lights. The for-hire space offers three cosy spaces for party-goers to let loose with beer pong, automatic mahjong, pool and PS4. It also has two projectors for movie nights and a kitchen area where guests can cook their own food.

Besides the standard games, this venue also has an Xbox One that lets you test out virtual reality. You can play multiplayer shooters that take place in holographic simulations of medieval castles, wild west ghost towns and Victorian mansions.

A rainy day is a great time to pull out the sweatpants and curl up with a hot drink and a good book. You can also try a new game online or play a round of table soccer with friends. The Causeway Bay district has a number of unique party spaces that can be rented for a few days or weeks. Find them on Storefront.

The Roomss

Located in the heart of party room Causeway Bay, The Roomss is well equipped with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs and high speed internet access. It is a great choice for small group gatherings and meetings. The Roomss provides guests with free-flow refreshments and paid locker, printing, and scanning services. Moreover, it features a library room that can accommodate up to 15 people and overlooks the busy streets of SOGO and Lockhart Road. Book this party room in Causeway Bay with HelloToby to enjoy exclusive deals and discounts.

Cancellation policies and other details vary by accommodation type. Please enter your travel dates to view the specific policy for this property. Extra beds are not guaranteed and may incur additional charges during your stay. You can specify the number of children and their ages in the special requests box.


Store is a hipster party room with lots of cool games to entertain a crowd. It’s decorated with old Hong Kong posters and has a cool, laid-back atmosphere. You can play automatic mahjong, pool tables, Switch or even karaoke with friends at this trendy space.

There are a variety of restaurants and bars in Causeway Bay. The area is also known for its shopping malls. It has a range of designer stores, including brands like A Bathing Ape and Chanel. It also has a variety of affordable fashion retailers, such as Uniqlo and Cotton On.

The district is also home to a number of unique event-ready spaces that can be rented for an afternoon, night or multiple days. These venues are great for a variety of business objectives, from holding a clearance sale to testing new products or services. The best part is that they are easy to rent and often cost less than traditional venues.

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